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PMT produces barrels for all kinds of injection moulding or extrusion machines.

In an effort to better serve customers, PMT developed the Trimetal barrel 15 years ago. 

The advantages of this three-part barrel include:

  • Shorter press downtime in the case of a repair
  • Repair by simply replacing the inner liner
  • Possibility of using various hardened steel grades for the inner liner, according to the processed plastics
  • Inexpensive repair for the replacement of the inner liner

Manufacturing of new injection or extrusion barrels


  • According to manufacturer's model
  • According to PMT design, studied by the design office

Steel grades used:

  • Nitriding steels
  • Hardened steel grades for some parts of the barrel (inner liners in the case of tri-metal barrel)
  • Bi-metal

Treatments used:

  • Gas or ion nitriding
  • Vacuum hardening

Repair of injection or extrusion barrels


  • The barrel is rebored to the maximum wear dimension and is nitrided again if necessary
  • The diameters of the screw, valve and nose will be readjusted to match the new diameter of the barrel 

Partial lining

  • The barrel is lined along the length of the maximum stroke of the valve.
  • The liner is hardened to 56-58 HRC. 

Screwed front barrel:

  • The barrel will be in two sections: a recovered rear part and a new front
  • The front can be made from nitriding steel or consist of bi-metal. 

Reconditioning of the tri-metal barrel:

  • The first reconditioning consists in transforming your worn barrel into a tri-metal barrel designed by PMT. The back of the barrel will be recovered, while the front and the hardened inner liner will be new
  • The second reconditioning consists in replacing only the inner liner